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single rich white men

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In the last two decades, the US has seen a significant decline in the number of single white men. According to a 2012 study by the Pew Research Center, "single-race-ethnic-gender households are becoming the least common type in the United States, which is a significant reversal from 1970. This has been a persistent pattern across the United States since 1975, and is now the case for the nation as a whole. In fact, single-race-ethnic-gender households have been declining for the past four decades."

The Pew Research Center study notes:

The number of households with a single non-Hispanic white male and female has declined from 12% of households in 1970 to 11.3% in 2011. In 2011, the number of single-race-ethnic-gender households was lower than that in 1975 (12%) and 2000 (11%).

The decline of white men as a single-race-ethnic-gender household type reflects the general decline of single-race-ethnic-gender households nationwide over the last forty years.

I am not a wedding planner and I don't know enough about the specifics of the American weddings to make such a blanket statement. However, this does seem like an odd situation in the world of single white men. Is this the result of increasing diversity or is it a result of declining marriage and family ties? Is it a sign of social progress or stagnation?

I guess what I want to know is if single white men are really shrinking as a household type, if diversity has indeed been an effect, and if marriage rates are also declining.

Expert opinions

1. You can get away with being single.

The single rich white men, don't worry. They are not a minority. According to a study done by the Pew Research Center in 2014, it is estimated that in the United States, there are around 13 million to 15 million adults who are single, and more than half of the population are single white men. In order to become single rich white men in the US, you need to make a very smart decision. You can either start a family or you can start a new business. However, the latter will have the advantage of making you a lot more money. You may also get more sex than you would if you started a family. It is the same with dating and marriage. Single rich white men can date a lot of women, but only the rich ones will have any chance at being married. In order to marry, you need to marry a rich white woman, which is much more difficult than to find an affordable white girl. So, you should not focus on finding a "rich white girl" with a white boyfriend. Instead, it is better to find a "white boy." But as long as the man is white, he will be treated as an equal.

For whom could all this be interesting?

1. The person who will be most interested by their wedding. The single rich white men should find a wife who shares their values, and they will also be the most likely to be interested in the wedding. I will not deny that it is difficult to get a girl to be a happy bride. And this is true to some degree. I personally have found that women of all ages are very difficult to get married, even when it is a woman they really like. But I think that this is mostly a cultural issue, as people seem to have difficulty relating to and making sense of a woman who is single, but wants to get married. 2. The man who can make the most of the money they will get. If a man is smart, he can use his money wisely, but if he is not, he will not. You can read more about this idea of smart money and not being wise money on this blog.

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